JCLEC News - September 2019

Border Management Training for senior female officials across Asia.

JCLEC News - August 2019

Landmark ‘Australia Indonesia Police Leadership Forum (AIPLF)’ successfully concluded

JCLEC News - July 2019

‘Disaster Victim Investigation’ training at JCLEC-for the 41st time

JCLEC News - June 2019

This month we focus on cybercrime in the South-east Asian region.

JCLEC News - May 2019

This month saw the conclusion of the 15th high profile ‘International management of serious crime (IMOSC)’ conference at JCLEC.

The Maritime Safety and Security Program kicks off

August 16th, 2017: Representatives from 16 countries in the Indo-Pacific region are taking part in a week-long training program on maritime safety and security, emphasizing the importance of the region’s physical feature of being surrounded by waters.

Building JCLEC Future Capacity

May 4th, 2017:  In a full day of updates and discussions, JCLEC played host to the annual Donor Coordination Meeting, attended by over 30 delegates encapsulating the broad spectrum of national and international stakeholder interests in support of the work of the Foundation.

Building our momentum

The first quarter of the year is always an interesting time – as we build momentum for the future needs of the law enforcement community.

2017: INTERPOL EU-ASEAN framework on migration and border management

A global focus on crime 

Under a three-year program funded by the EU and implemented by INTERPOL, JCLEC hosted a twelve day course on Training the Trainer in Border Management from April 17 to 28, 2017. 

Media coverage of remarks by Indonesia’s Foreign Minister

April, visit to Europe by President Joko Widodo.


“Furthermore, as home to the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC), Indonesia will continue promoting stronger law enforcement, information sharing and capacity building cooperation with its European colleagues.”

The visit by Mark Rutte, Netherland’s Prime Minister

In his second trip to Indonesia in three years, Mark Rutte, Netherland’s Prime Minister, extended his visit to include the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) in Semarang, Central Java, reaffirming ties between the Netherlands and Indonesia and other partners on counter-terrorism initiatives.

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