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The Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise Foundation or to use its official Indonesian title, Yayasan Pusat Kerjasama di Bidang Penegakan Hukum Jakarta, became a legal entity under notarial deed No. 111 dated February 28, 2005. Shortly thereafter a deed of establishment was approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia in Decision Letter No. C-375.HT.0l.02.TH2005 dated March 23, 2005.


The Board of Patrons:

• Commissioner Andrew Colvin (AFP)

• Police-General Tito Karnavian (Chief of INP)

• Commissioner-General Unggung Cahyono (Head of INP Education & Training Division)

• Assistant Commissioner Frank Prendergast (AFP National Manager Workforce & Development)

• Inspector-General Arief Sulistyanto (Head of INP Human Resources Division)

• Assistant Commissioner Scott Lee (AFP National Manager International Operations)

The Board of Supervisors:

• Ms. Grata Endah W, Director of International Security and Disarmament, Directorate General of Multilateral, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Mr. Dave Peebles, Head of Political and Public Diplomacy Branch, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

• Ms. Juliet Maric, Deputy Head of Mission and Consul General, British Embassy Jakarta

• Commander Jamie Strauss (AFP), Manager South East Asia

• Brigadier-General Krishna Murti (INP), Chief Bureau of International Mission


Current Approved Official Observers: 

Embassy of Canada

Embassy of Denmark

The Board of Management:

• Senior Superintendent Nugroho Slamet Wibowo (INP) (Chair)

• Superintendent Greg Davis (AFP) (Secretary)

• Commander Kylie Flower (AFP) (Treasurer)

Executive Management

Executive Management:

• Senior Superintendent Nugroho Slamet Wibowo (INP) (Executive Director)

• Superintendent Greg Davis (AFP) (Executive Director Programs)


The Board and Executive Management structure and functions provide a sound and thorough platform for maintaining good governance and consistent with the long-standing requirements under Indonesia Foundation Law.


The Board of Patrons provides strategic guidance and oversight of the Foundation including the appointment of members to the Boards of Patrons, Management and Supervisors and approving the Foundation’s annual budget and work plan. It also ratifies the Foundation’s annual report and is the body authorised to make any amendments to the Foundation’s Articles of 
Association as and when required. The Board of Patrons holds an Annual General Meeting.


The Board of Supervisors provides advice to and supervision of the Board of Management and is authorised to inspect documents, enquire about the actions and may enter any place the Foundation operates. The Board of Supervisors meets quarterly to discharge its duties. Quarterly meetings with the Board of Management provide a regular means to discharge oversight duties and coordinate on a Government-to-Government basis. The Board of Supervisors
 comprises representatives from key stakeholders including the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office
 with official observers from the Governments of the Kingdom of Denmark and Canada.


The Board of Management is fully responsible for directing and overseeing the performance and compliance of the Foundation including preparing the work program and draft annual budget for approval by the Board of Patrons. The Board of Management meets quarterly to discharge its duties. It formulates policies and guidelines to sustain the highest quality of service, operational and financial management quarterly in compliance with
the Articles of Association. It is also tasked with a day-to-day risk management role.

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