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The Training Centre

The Centre occupies a secure area in the heart of the extensive Indonesian National Police Academy grounds at Semarang, Central Java. Six training and administration buildings comprising 3,000 square meters of floor space are equipped with specialist classrooms, a lecture theatre, conference facilities and restaurant and onsite secure accommodation for approximately 140 guests.

Jakarta Secretariat

The Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) Secretariat, located within INP Headquarters in Jakarta, is responsible for supporting the management of the Foundation's statutory obligations as a registered Indonesian Social Enterprise Foundation. 

Security, Health & Safety

Site security

INP and AFP constantly review JCLEC security in consultation with key institutional partners, and improvements are continuously implemented including those relating to infrastructure, human resources, policy and practice.


Health and Safety

Hosting over 2,000 participants and hundreds of visitors every year, it is essential that onsite health and safety is monitored and tested rigorously. Over 60 staff undertook formal first aid training to the higher of the relevant Indonesian or Australian standard during the year – an essential part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our ‘safety first’ culture. Such benefits also ripple outwards in creating greater health and safety awareness among the families of employees and the wider community.


INP and AFP constantly review JCLEC workplace health and safety in consultation with key Sponsors, and improvements are continuously implemented. 

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